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Refund Kingdom 2020

Discover Refund Kingdom’s best-seller – a service package complete with a professional tax software that will streamline all your tax preparation processes and take the stress out of tax season. Refund Kingdom 2020 software powered by CrossLink® is an integrated solution with an intuitive design for all your state and federal returns and it is available both online and for desktop use. Business returns like Forms 1120 and 1065 are only available on the desktop version.

Benefits of the Refund Kingdom 2020 service package include generating cost savings for your tax operations, a dedicated account manager that will guide you through all the necessary tax filing steps and procedures and a full suite of bank products for faster and easier refunds. Clients can choose to receive their refunds by direct deposit, in-office checks, or prepaid VISA/MasterCard.

With the complete Refund Kingdom 2020 services package, you will be able to offer your clients a superior customer experience and build long-term relationships with them, taking your tax business to the next level.

The premium software solution included in the Refund Kingdom 2020 service package incorporates multiple advanced technologies such as CrossLink® TextLink™ technology and Point-and-Shoot Error Correction™. These tools will help your tax preparers simplify how they navigate the tax season’s hectic workload and make sure they deliver the best results for your tax clients. To learn more about what the Refund Kingdom 2020 software can do for your tax business, choose between the desktop or web-based versions and click on the demo link below.



Refund Kingdom 2020

  • Includes a professional tax software solution for tax preparation and filings
  • Full support for tax preparation and software use from a dedicated account manager
  • The easy way to make it through tax season worry-free
  • Also includes Bank Products with options such as direct deposit, check printing, and debit card returns


Refund Kingdom 2020

  • Use the Work-in-Progress screen to instantly learn the status of returns, and see if they were admitted or rejected and print checks in-office
  • The Point-and-Shoot Error Correction™ feature identifies any errors and offers quick fixes
  • Intuitive design and streamlined forms-based input
  • The software updates automatically
  • Use it for any federal and state form types


Refund Kingdom 2020

  • Use it for any federal and state form types
  • No desktop support required
  • Manage office and individual preparer accounts easily with permission-based administration
  • Reports can be easily customized for each location and individual tax preparer
  • Fully secure login through SSL

Benefits Of The Refund Kingdom 2020 Service Package

Capture Signatures Electronically

Use the Refund Kingdom 2020 integrated CrossLink® Paperless Office Solution to easily get your taxpayer clients’ signature electronically and modernize the tax return process.

Easily Scan and Save Tax Returns

Using only a handheld scanner, you can easily Scan & Store your taxpayers’ source documents. This will help you meet the government requirements for disclosure, as well as simplify your procedures for tax return processing.

Streamline Communication

With the CrossLink® TextLink™ technology, you can use the software to easily communicate with your taxpayer clients via text message.

Full Security Guarantee

Securely backing up taxpayer source documents and tax return documents is now easier than ever with Refund Kingdom 2020. You have instant access to all tax return documentation via CrossLink’s Secure Offsite Storage (S.O.S.) technology.

Getting Started

Schedule a call or consultation with our account managers to understand how the Refund Kingdom 2020 can simplify your tax returns and unscramble all your tax preparation and filing needs. You can also fill in our contact request form and we’ll get back to you with all the information you need.

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Tax season doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Try Refund Kingdom 2020 today.


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