About Us

Refund Kingdom is a professional tax preparation software development company. Our creators wanted to have the most advanced tax software on the market, and we are proud to announce; mission accomplished. The global pandemic, COVID 19, lead to some, now, invaluable innovations during development. Seeing the need for social distancing, and yet wanting not to completely ignore the need for social interaction between the tax professional and client, we knew we needed a safe and secure method to make this possible. After much debt and research, we were happy to partner with TaxPass to make this vision possible. TaxPass is a mobile interface available on the IOS and Google Play store that seamlessly integrates with our Refund Kingdom Software.

Tax clients would download the TaxPass app and then scan the QR code of their chosen tax professional and from that point they are linked to the Refund Kingdom software, for safe, secure, interactive tax preparation.

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