The popularity and reach of social media – and particularly the world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook – cannot be denied.

Monthly, a staggering 2.5 billion people around the globe turn to Facebook for news, communication, shopping, games, videos, and much more. There’s a seemingly endless supply of information and entertainment available on the web-based platform, which is completely free to use.

While the information-sharing advantages of Facebook are clear from the individual user’s perspective, millions of businesses and organizations have created business pages of their own. They are bolstering their digital presence by connecting with customers via post comments and Facebook Messenger, as well as touting the advantages of their products and services to many.

In short, more and more companies realize that they cannot afford to forego having a strong presence on Facebook.

However, for accounting firms such as Refund Kingdom, it isn’t enough to establish a Facebook account. On the contrary, accounting businesses must take practical and calculated steps to stand out from the Facebook crowd for the right reasons.

The following guidelines will help large and small accounting houses alike to make Facebook work for them.

A Picture is Worth a Million Words

A substantial portion of Facebook users access the platform while on the go – during bus rides, between meetings, and amid long grocery-store lines, for example – and don’t care to read long-winded bodies of text before knowing the gist of the story. Other Facebook regulars maintain busy schedules while dedicating a set amount of time to the website/app each day. But informative story or not, everyone enjoys crisp, meaningful, and attention-grabbing pictures.

Building on this point, accounting firms stand to increase impressions (the number of times a post from your page is displayed to potential and current clients) and attract potential clients not only with multi-paragraph posts or newly designed logos but with notable, fun and eye-catching images. From office parties to special occasions and seemingly minor happenings (like the purchase of a new office espresso machine), to company outings, Facebook users love pictures and learning more about the people behind the brands.

Accounting firms should include links to in-depth articles and should publish pictures and videos frequently. Facebook users – those seeking detailed knowledge and those seeking amusement – will appreciate the effort, and long-term profitability will grow in tandem with the additional attention to brands, products, and services offered.

Use Facebook to Tell a Story

Facebook users (and clients in general) love to learn more about companies and organizations – how they got started, new services offered, and how the company can help solve a problem for their clients. In this vein, accounting firms would do well to tell a story on Facebook.

It’s highly recommended that accounting houses use Facebook to showcase employees (possibly with lists of their hobbies, interests, and accomplishments), employees’ pets, community initiatives, and other similarly refreshing content so that potential clients can learn more about the people they will be working with when doing business with a particular firm.

The perks of telling a story on Facebook (as opposed to relaying general information and business-as-usual media) are multifaceted. First, potential clients will be drawn to the brand at-hand – even if they’re not immediately in the market for accounting or tax services. Secondly, the relationship with existing clients will be better solidified. And finally, a strong presence on social media will illustrate tech-savviness and a commitment to innovation.

Cumulatively, these three points make for more business and a broader overall reach, for accounting firms.

The Bottom Line: Facebook as an Accounting-Firm Marketing Tool

There’s never been a better time than now for accounting firms to see how Facebook can prove beneficial. The enrollment process is free, the posting is straightforward, and the possibilities to reach a broader target audience are endless.

Thanks for reading… and remember to consult Refund Kingdom for all your accounting software needs.